We are here to help and care for you in the safest way

Even through this third lockdown we have now been advised as a profession we are allowed to continue with face to face care. This is because we are known to take the highest of precautions to eliminate wherever possible any transmission of any germs, viruses or bacteria following all up to date scientific guidance within the profession. Dental care is also important for health, and delay can exacerbate any problems. As a practice we ensure excellent careful cross infection control behaviour, PPE and air purifying equipment, all of the highest of standards, as well as carefully monitored sterilisation modalities, social distancing and disposable equipment where possible. Our priority is the safety of all, and to that end, as well as all the above measures, we have access to regular Covid testing and all the practice staff have vaccination appointments organised for mid January 2021.

For our safe care to operate correctly we are instructed that we need to ensure that we assess all patients before their arrival for an appointment. We need to stress therefore your remote forms need to be completed early enough for the dentist to check them, and to contact you if necessary before you arrive. If there are difficulties with this then please ring the practice and we can help you. We need to eliminate unnecessary contact between people in the building and therefore you are requested to attend alone, wearing a mask.

Full details of your patient journey through the practice is sent out to you with the remote forms, once an appointment is made, but it is also available to see on our website.

At this time reception needs to be generally closed to the public; but Jayne and the girls are at all times busy helping patients via the phone, and in the building. If you need to contact us but have difficulty getting through, please leave an email for us at vdpkeepsafecoronavirusadvice@gmail.com

Above all if you have any queries or concerns please do contact us either by email or on the practice line:01325 462361


Due to the new January 2021 Lockdown measures effecting education and child care our opening times may need to be flexible and vary slightly from those advertised. Whilst we will endeavour to maintain a full service, reception may occasionally be unmanned. We will always try to return a missed call but alternatively you can email us on vdpkeepsafecoronavirusadvice@gmail.com and we will be in touch.