National Alert Level 3

Victoria Dental Practice have been hard at work since the resumption of dental services nationally on 8th June. Following all the national good practice guidance we have been treating and stabilizing emergencies with the protocols needed to protect the staff and patients at Alert Level 4.

Now we have moved into Alert Level 3 the practice can progress to treating patients who require prompt care, unfinished courses of treatment and higher risk patients evolving to providing routine care as the threat reduces.

Current guidelines mean all patients need a remote telephone consultation and individual risk assessment prior to attending the practice, so any appointment requires significant preparation time.

In expanding the provision of our services, we are implementing some noticable changes to keep you protected in the future. We have introduced a computer system where you can securely provide your personal and medical information online straight to our computers. In the practice we are introducing wipeable computer tablets to reduce surface touching and next week we are installing a hospital grade air filtration and purification system in each surgery, along with many smaller changes. For patients who find it difficult to interact with this technology we will have alternative options, please do not worry.

As you will be aware many industries have been affected by coronavirus, but Dentistry, as we deal with the mouth and respiratory system, has been significantly impacted. Unless there is going to be a massive turn around by our governing bodies in the future, these changes could be long term. We are seeing some of our routine material costs increasing by 3000%. Victoria Dental Practice has made the commitment to protecting our patients, especially our loyal Denplan patients, from this for as long as we can in the hope things settle down soon.

Shortly we will start the next phase of reopening and contacting patients for the continuation of care, but as before, if there have any issues please telephone reception or email us on We will still need to be operating on temporary opening hours to allow us to safely provide care which will expand as more services can be introduced, and childcare allows all staff to work fully. Also available on the website is our current Level 3 Patient Pathway Information Document.

Again, we would like to express out thanks to our Denplan patients, and all our patients generally, for your continued support and positive comments. We really look forwards to caring for all very soon.