Advice from Victoria Dental Practice 29th May 2020

Victoria Dental Practice is delighted to share with you the press release from the British Dental Association, where it explains about the relaxing of restraints in dentistry. English practices can start to reopen for emergencies and then routine work, but there are significant changes and restrictions in how we can work initially. We have made preparations, so we are able to open from the 8th June as directed, but we need to ensure all our processes are undertaken in a way that is safe for the patients, staff and wider public.


“Government confirms face-to-face patient care can resume”

The Government has given the green light for the restoration of routine care services in England.

NHS England and the Chief Dental Officer have now confirmed that practices can provide face-to-face patient care from the 8th June. This could see varying levels of treatments made available, with individual practitioners exercising their professional judgement on the pace of change.

We welcome the news, while also noting the caveat that availability and fitting of PPE, social distancing measures and appropriate cross-infection control may mean practices will have to move at different rates.

We have also warned that the whole business model that the service is based on could change unalterably upon reopening, with social distancing and cross-infection control reducing capacity and potentially access levels by as much as two thirds.

We are continuing to press for the NHS contractual framework to reflect the new reality and for additional support for private dentistry, including a business rates holiday – already offered to leisure and retail sectors – to be expanded to dental practices, alongside other support to mitigate against reduced patient numbers.

Our Chair Mick Armstrong said: “A return of high street dentistry will be welcome news to millions of patients left with few options during lockdown, but key questions remain. It is right to allow practices to decide themselves when they are ready to open. Dentists will be keen to start providing care as soon as safely possible, but we will need everyone to be patient as practices get up and running.

“Dentist can open their doors but won’t be able to provide a full range of care without the necessary kit. Longer term practices can only stay afloat with ongoing support, while social distancing continues and the costs of providing care are sky high.”

British Dental Association 28th May


At Victoria Dental Practice we have worked very hard during the lockdown weeks to try to ensure that we can get back to work quickly once the restrictions are relaxed. This we did with no national guidance at all and now barely any warning for our possible return. The practice will be open, however many of the more high-demand specialist items of equipment and PPE that we have ordered are shortly to arrive, which will limit the procedures that we can perform until they do. Social distancing will mean that the waiting room should not be used, and so fewer patients will be allowed in the building at any one time, and fewer patients will be able to be seen in a day.

Many patients have suffered during the lockdown, and they will be the first to be seen. We would ask you not to ring for routine appointments at the moment until we contact you that we have suitable appointments for you.

We are most grateful to the support from our Denplan patients during lockdown, and we will ensure at every stage of opening they will have priority for our services. Any patient interested in joining Denplan feel free to contact the practice.